Thursday, 10 September 2009

HCA got back

More like HCA got back pains...

Clinical induction is possibly the most boring thing ever. No offence to the people that have to do the sections, but it's tediously boring and you're just throwing facts at us. It's like being at school, but so much worse, because 1) we don't particularly care and 2) we don't care because barely any of it applies to us or will be of use to us.

However, manual handling today taught me that I'm likely to do my back in because I'm young and because we apparently do everything wrong when it comes to manual handling in A&E. Drag lifts, carrying stuff, not using the hoist.... ever (which was embarrassing when one of the immunology nurses told me we kept it in one of the toilets) and not having slide sheets and handle extensions. I could blame the last one on CAU/ITU/Ward but I can't, because we don't have the equipment. Or at least I've not seen it.

On different note, midwives have some of the best stories ever. (Admittedly if you're pregnant, they're not)

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