Friday, 9 October 2009

I'm gonna get fired soon

Hopefully not, but chances are I could guess the reason why if I did.

Why do some nurses find the overwhelming urge to be a bitch to everyone that they don't work with (as well as their patients)?

And it's especially the HCAs... because the SNs are able to stand up for themselves and you wouldn't dare have a go at a SR/CN, especially a SSR/SCN, or even Matron.

What do you want me to do when the saline hasn't been hanged? I'm not allowed to handle her cannula (unless I remove it). Do you want me to take her back to A&E, get a nurse to hang the saline then bring her back up? Waste my time and yours? You want me to hang the line, and because I'm not trained, give her a massive air embolis and kill her? (Don't worry folks, I'm far more competent than that)

No? Then stop looking at me like I'm incompetent.

End rant.

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