Wednesday, 21 October 2009

My Day with LAS

I was out as an observer with LAS the other day, and like they said:

"[We] (observers) are the kiss of fucking death".

12hr shift and not one trauma. Where are the dying people of London?

I was in Central London for a good while and not a trauma (where most of it happens apparently) - though someone did step on something sharp and called an ambulance.

But the other thing was the sat nav was busted, it was telling us that we were about half a mile out from where we actually were. Now, in the area where I and the crew were stationed, that's not really a huge problem as the three of us knew our way round the area (generally), but when you start getting council estate areas where none of us knew where we were going there's a problem.

So that's the morning gone - getting the sat nav repaired.

And everything I've heard about anaesthetists being slighty.... odd were confirmed to me while I was out with LAS. To be honest, I'm not even sure if he did work there... I mean an anaesthetist that's not wearing scrubs and wandering around A&E majors? I know there's usually a uniform policy about not wearing theatre scrubs outside of theatres, but I don't recall anyone in any surgical department listening to that rule.

One more observation, Guy's Hospital is one fancy hospital. I reckon it's because it doesn't have an A&E. Sadly, nobody agrees with that theory.

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